• Matchbox can be accessed via the web at Matchbox.bid. Alternatively,you can download the app from Google Play by searching for Matchbox.

  • We pre-screen and certify each transporter to make sure they are qualified to join our network. We also constantly monitor their ongoing performance, based on ratings from customers after each transaction.

  • Matchbox requires all transporters to maintain automobile and cargo insurance. All transporters must comply with applicable laws and regulations. Matchbox also carries contingent insurance that further protects each shipment. If you have specific insurance requirements, please tick the “additional insurance” box while making your booking and we will revert to you.

  • Yes. Just submit the details of your shipment, and transporters will revert to you with a quote. If you have a specific project or additional requirements, please contact us at  shipper@Matchbox.bid.

  • No. Transporters commit to offer their service at the quoted rate.

  • Yes. You select the transporter of your choice for each load. If you have preferred transporters, you can invite them to register on Matchbox, where you can submit quote requests exclusively to them.

  • You are required to supply the Bill of Lading to the driver for each shipment. This must be shown to the transporter on delivery.

  • Once the shipment is complete, you can rate your experience from 1 to 5 stars and add comments. You can also send feedback to  support@Matchbox.bid. We use the information to further improve the quality of transporters and pick the best drivers for your next shipment.

  • Matchbox is a free mobile app that connects you directly with a network of transporters. Shippers can rest assured that their shipment is in safe hands as all transporters have been vetted, regular inspection of fleets, agreements are in place, and all relevant documentation is confirmed by Matchbox. This digitized system is looking to revolutionize logistics for shippers by simplifying the current movements making this more transparent, manageable and simple. 

  • Once you have delivered your shipment, you can rate the experience from 1 to 5 stars and add comments. You can also send a note to  support@Matchbox.bid. We use the information to improve the quality of our loads and shippers.


  • Matchbox is a free mobile app that connects you directly with shippers. This helps owner-operators, local and regional fleets increase their loads and expand business. The app offers new jobs to nearby transporters, and its Transport Management System helps transporters manage their fleet and assign drivers.

  • Quality, professional trucking transporters that have insurance and a clean track record. Once you are approved, install Matchbox’s app on your phone and you can receive new job offers instantly.

  • Please sign up and download the Matchbox app to get started. We’ll perform stringent checks and sign an agreement before you can start receiving loads. If you have questions, please email  support@Matchbox.bid.

  • No. Matchbox does not charge a monthly premium charge. We are per load/transaction based therefore you are only charged for the loads coordinated on our system. 

  • Matchbox is available for Android.

  • Yes. Matchbox is a great way to increase your workload and expand your business. Let us help you get to two trucks and make more money!

  • Every job we offer includes a payout amount due to you, specific to the load. If you accept and complete the job you will receive this amount.

  • When you use the Matchbox app on your job, we’ll process your payment within 24 hours of completing a job, with no fee. This means payment will show up in your bank account just days after the job!

  • The shipper will provide the Bill of Lading at the pickup location. Using the app, you will need to take a picture of it once it is signed at the drop off location.

About Us

  • We currently service markets across Southern Africa. Please contact us to discuss your trucking needs.

  • Support is available Monday – Friday from 7am to 6pm. You can contact us at  support@Matchbox.bid. Outside of these hours, please contact your account representative directly.

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