Matchbox Simplifies Logistics: 5 Things Shippers Should Know

For shippers using the Matchbox app, logistics are made easy and efficient with online support and live chat options via app, website or even WhatsApp.

Now in the palm of your hand, Matchbox gives you end-to-end control of all your shipments through one compact portal.

Five key benefits for Shippers:

  1. Matchbox’s innovative system aims to cut out the middle man by allowing shippers to choose transporters from a vetted and verified list.
  2. Transporters are constantly monitored on their performance based on ratings.
  3. You can track your cargo with live updates and tracking tools.
  4. The app requires that all transporters maintain automobile and cargo insurance and Matchbox carries contingent insurance as well.
  5. Shippers will save 15% – 25% on loads and additionally Matchbox’s commission is fixed at 5%. This way shippers can be assured of the best rate in the market.

“As a player in the transport and logistics game, I saw the shortcomings and the gaps,” elaborates Anton Potgieter, founder of Matchbox, “There was always the opportunity for an online, electronic booking platform but the technology hasn’t always been there. Transport and logistics is a very fragmented industry, everybody that’s booked transport will know that you have to make thousands of phone calls and deal with a lot of different service providers. My whole idea was to centralize this and put it on a digital platform and when the technology recently became available we put the idea for Matchbox into action. Now a successful app, Matchbox is a game-changer for the logistics industry. Its user interface is very friendly and data is free.”

Don’t wait – sign up today! Matchbox is available for Android and it currently operates across South Africa.