Matchbox Simplifies Logistics: 5 Things Transporters Should Know

For transporters using the new Matchbox app, logistics are made easy and efficient with online support and live chat options via app, website or even Whatsapp.

Now, in the palm of your hand, Matchbox can provide you end-to-end control of all your trucks through one compact portal.

Here are the Top 5 Matchbox benefits all transporters should know:

  1. If you are a quality, professional trucking transporter with insurance and a clean track record you can easily sign-up to Matchbox, once the app is installed you will receive new job offers instantly.
  2. Even if you only have one truck at your disposal you can still join Matchbox – the app is a great way to increase your workload and expand business.
  3. Matchbox’s free Transport Management System helps transporters manage their fleet and assign drivers.
  4. Transporters typically increase productivity with return loads, optimal routes and live access to the TMS.
  5. Transporters get paid within 7 days whereas normally payment could take up to a month plus processing time. Matchbox will process the payment within 24 hours. Additionally, commission is fixed at only 5%.

Don’t wait – sign up today! Matchbox is available for Android and it currently operates across South African.